Journal Papers


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Z. Gao, H. Xia, J. Zauberman, M. Tomaiuolo, J. Ping, Q. Zhang, P. Ducos, H. Ye, S. Wang, X. Yang, F. Lubna, Z. Luo, L. Ren, and A. T. C. Johnson, Nano Letters, vol. 18, pp. 3509-3515, 2018 (Reported by Penn Today and The Graphene Council) [Link]

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J. Ping, J. E. Blum, R. Vishnubhotla, A. Vrudhula, C. H. Naylor, Z. Gao, J. G. Saven, and A. T. C. Johnson, Small, vol. 13. 2017 [Link]

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[8] Genetically Engineered Antibody Functionalized Platinum Nanoparticles Modified CVD-Graphene Nanohybrid Transistor for the Detection of Breast Cancer Biomarker, HER3
Rajesh, Z. Gao, R. Vishnubhotla, P. Ducos, M. D. Serrano, J. Ping, M. K. Robinson, and A. T. C. Johnson, Advanced Materials Interfaces, vol. 3, p. 1600124, 2016 [Link]

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A. Khalifa, Z. Gao, A. Bermak, Y. Wangi, and L. Chan, Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research, vol. 5, pp. 1-7, 2015 [Link]


[4] Exceptional thermal interface properties of a three-dimensional graphene foam
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Graphene-Enabled DNA Biosensors with Enhanced Specificity
U.S. Provisional Application No. 62/640,753, A. T. Johnson, Jr., Z. Gao and H. Xia, 2018, [Link]

Three-Dimensional Interconnected Porous Graphene-Based Thermal Interface Materials
Patent US9605193B2, M. M. F. Yuen, X. Zhang, K. K. Yeung, Z. Gao, K. Zhang, M. Zhang, Hu. XU, 2017, Patent Granted [Link]

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