Gao Research Group

Welcome to the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory!

Our research thrusts:

  • Development of electronic biosensors based on two-dimensional (2D) materials to understand complex biological systems
  • Translation of biosensing devices into biomedical applications in early disease diagnosis, point-of-care testing, and wearable health monitoring
  • Strain- and defect-engineering in atomically thin materials and their van der Waals heterostructures for next-generation electronic biosensors.

Recent News:

7 Nov 2021

First group activity – hiking in Sai Kung! (Zhinan, Marco, Tran, Kandy and Songshan are not in this photo. Next time, we need to get everyone!)

1 Sep 2021

Congratulations to TRAN, Thi Trang! She has received the CUHK UG Summer Research Internship 2021 – Best Project Award!

30 June 2021

Our group receives the GRF 2021 grant from the Research Grant Council (RGC). Congratulations!

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