Research and Academic Highlights


10 July 2020

Our group receives a Key-Area Research and Development Program Grant from the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province. Congratulations!


30 June 2020

Prof. Gao receives the Early Career Scheme (ECS) 2020 Award from the Research Grant Council (RGC). Congratulations!

New group member

30 June 2020

Welcome! Honglin SUN joined our Lab as a postgraduate student.

New member

30 June 2020

Ting HUANG joined our Lab as a postgraduate student. Welcome!

New publication

28 January 2020

Manuscript entitled “Large-area epitaxial growth of curvature-stabilized ABC trilayer graphene” has been published in Nature Communications.

New publication

6 January 2020

Manuscript entitled “Graphene transistor arrays functionalized with genetically engineered antibody fragments for Lyme disease diagnosis” has been published in 2D Materials.

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